Fall 2019 Topological Methods in Theoretical Physics

This Fall's Delta ITP Course Advanced Topics in Theoretical Physics aimed at advanced Master’s students, PhD and postdoctoral researchers, is built around the general theme of Topological Methods in Theoretical Physics.

The first module starts on Monday 10 Sept 2018. Lectures will take place on Mondays at 11:15-13:00, followed by a study/exercise session 13:45- end. 

The location of this semester's course rotates between the three institutes. The first module is in Amsterdam. 

The course will be divided into three 5-week modules; for each one there are four lectures (2hrs each) and four exercise sessions (4hrs each). At the end of the module there is an exam. All exams are pass/fail. You need to pass all three exams to receive credit for the course.

Registration is compulsary via the DRSTP website

Module 1: Geometry and topology of quantum states - Vladimir Gritsev (UvA) 

Lecture dates: Sep 10, 17, 24, Oct 1

Location lectures: room G5.29;  exercise sessions: room G0.0 

EXAM: Oct 8; room tba

Abstract: A tentative content of the course will include introduction into geometry of mixed and pure states of arbitrary quantum system, derived from the quantum-information based perspectives. We apply this technique for characterization of quantum phases of matter and quantum phase transitions between them. Then we are going to discuss topological aspects of quantum states which naturally emerges from the quantum geometric structure.

Module 2: Topological defects - Ana Achúcarro (UL) 

Lecture dates: Oct 15, 22, 29, Nov 5

Location lectures: room tba; exercise sessions: room tba

EXAM: Nov 12; room tba

Abstract: The first part of this module is an introduction to domain walls, vortices, monopoles and other field theory defects from condensed matter to cosmology (formation, interactions, network evolution, gravitational properties). The second part will discuss the relation between topology and stability, BPS bounds, supersymmetry breaking and other related topics.

Module 3: title tba - Vladimir Juricic (NORDITA, Stockholm) 

Lecture dates: Monday's on Nov 19, 26, Dec 3, 10

Location lectures: 
Nov 19 - 11:00-12:45 in Buys Ballot building (BBG) 0.79, exercise sessions: 13:15-17:00 in Koningsberger building(KBG) 2.28
Nov 26 - 11:00-12:45 in BBG 1.06; exercise sessions: 13:15-17:00 in KBG 2.28
Dec 3 - 11:00-17:00 Israelslaan 0.07 (near Galgenwaard Stadium)
Dec 10 - 11:00-17:00 Israelslaan 0.07

EXAM Dec 17 - 11:00-17:00 (exact time tba) Israelslaan 0.06

Abstract TBA

Local contact

Dr Lars Fritz (Utrecht)

email: l.fritz at uu.nl

Prof. Koenraad Schalm (Leiden)

email: kschalm at lorentz.leidenuniv.nl

Dr Wouter Waalewijn (Amsterdam) 

e-mail: w.j.waalewijn at uva.nl

Administrative matters

Wanda Verweij
Institute for Theoretical Physics
Utrecht University
Princetonplein 5
3584 CC Utrecht
tel: +31 30 253 5906
e-mail: w.l.verweij at uu.nl

Published by  D-ITP

3 September 2018