Project proposals

Every year the Delta Institute for Theoretical Physics expects to fund several PhD and postdoc positions, assigned to those research projects that best serve the general objectives of the Delta ITP initiative. The proposed projects should strengthen the Delta ITP cohesion, and should be applied by scientists from at least two of the three institutes. In November 2017, the Delta executive board decided to grant 2 PhD and 1 PD research project proposals, to start in 2018.

For this call, a total of ten research proposals were admitted; 6 PhD and 4 PD proposals. 

An external and representative selection committee evaluated and ranked the proposals, based on the standard FOM grading procedure (1 representing excellent, 5 representing adequate) Besides quality also the expected added value and synergy for the Delta ITP consortium was weighted. This evaluation was then presented to the Delta ITP executive board who decided, based on the ranking and the available budget, that it would be most optimal to award 2 PhD and 1 postdoc proposals this year. 

Postdoc Position

Holography for Dirac nodal loops in ZrSiS  - Henk Stoof (UU), Jan Zaanen (Leiden), Koenraad Schalm (Leiden) and Umut G├╝rsoy (UU).

PhD positions

Disorder: The multifractal bridge between strings and experiment - Vladimir Gritsev (UvA), Cristiane Morais Smith (UU), and Miranda Cheng (UvA)

The microphysics of cosmic inflation, one feature at a time - Ana Achucarro (Leiden) , Jan Pieter van der Schaar (UvA)

A new call will be expected in the fall of 2018.

Published by  D-ITP

Delta ITP Office

19 April 2018