Delta ITP visitor programme

The Delta Institute for Theoretical Physics runs an active visitor programma for senior researchers as well as PhD students. All Delta staff members are invited to send in proposals for medium or long-term visitors that would benefit the synergy and research programme of Delta ITP. Details and the application form can be found in the guidelines (link on left side).

Current visitors


Hiroyasu Koizumi, Japan Tsukuba 

Host: Jan Zaanen

From 21-04-2016 till 21-10-2016 


Daan Meerburg, University of Toronto

Host: Jan Pieter van der Schaar

From 15-03-2016 till 20-06-2016


Paolo Zanardi, USC Department of Physics and Astronomy

Host: Vladimir Gritsev

From 25-05-2016 till 25-06-2016


Visiting PhD students


Geoffroy Bergeron (PhD), Canada, Montreal

Host: Jean-Sébastien Caux

From 01-01-2016 till 01-07-2016


Enrico Randellini (PhD), University of Florence

Host: Kareljan Schoutens

From  01-01-2016 till 30-06-2016


Paul Gersberg (PhD), Universite Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris VI) 

Host: Erik Verlinde

From 15-01-2016 till 15-04-2016

Visitors 2015 


Alexei Starobinsky, Landau Institute, Moscow, RAS

Host: Tomislav Prokopec


Daniel Baumann, DAMPT, Cambridge University

Regular visitor


Elena Garuccio (PhD), Siena, Italy

Host: Diego Garlaschelli

From  16-10-2015 till 15-04-2016


Zeb Rocklin, University of Michigan

Host:  Vincenzo Vitelli

From 01-10-2015 till 15-11-2015


Natalie Paquette, Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA, USA

Host Miranda Cheng

From 15-09-2015 till 15-12-2015


Giovanni Cabass, Sapienza Università di Roma

Host: Enrico Pajer


John Toner, University of Oregon

Host: Vincenzo Vitelli

From  01-09-2015 till 30-09-2015


Ogan Ozsoy, Syracuse, NY, USA

Host: Jan Pieter van der Schaar

From 01-09-2015 till 15-11-2015  


David Ramirez (Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA)

Host: Diego Hofman

Van 15-09-2015 tot 15-10-2015


John Toner, University of Oregon

Host: Vincenzo Vitelli

From 28-08-2015 till 28-09-2015


Frank Tackmann, Hamburg, Germany

Host: Wouter Waalewijn

From 27-07-2015 till  07-08-2015


Iain Stewart (MIT)

Host: Wouter Waalewijn

Summer 2015 


Valentina Salvatelli, CPT Marseille, France

Host: Alessandra Silvestri

From 22-06-2015 till 09-07-2015


Diptarka Das, University of Kentucky

Host: Nabil Iqbal

Summer 2015


Armen E Allahverdyan, Yerevan, Armenia 

Host : Theo Nieuwenhuizen

From 18-05-2015 till 17-06-2015 


Igor Aleiner, Columbia University, NY

Host: Vadim Cheianov

From 17-05-2015 till 31-05-2015


Mikhail Zvonarev (Lab of Theoretical Physics and Statistical Models (LPTMS), CNRS, France)

Host: Vadim Cheyanov (Leiden) and Vladimir Gritsev (UvA)

From 06-04-2015 till 04-05-2015


Alexander Chudnovskiy

Host: Vadim Cheianov

From 22-02-2015 till 04-03-2015

Visitors 2014 

Alexei Starobinsky (Landau Institute, Moscow, RAS)

Kavli prize astrophysics 2014 together with Andre Linde and Alan Guth) was a visiting professor for several months in 2014 and 2015. This guest professorship was made possible by a Delta ITP grant for a proposal submitted by Tomislav Prokopec. During his visit, prof. Starobinsky has been teaching the mini course Cosmological Perturbation Theory and Quantum Effects in Inflation, as part of the Delta ITP Advanced Topics lecture series (Fall 2014) 

Daniel Baumann, Theoretical Physics, DAMTP, Cambridge University.  

Regular Delta ITP visitor (for up to 3 months per year) of the string theory and theoretical cosmology group in Amsterdam. 

Visiting PhD students

Dalit Engelhardt (UCLA, supervised by Ben Freivogel)

Gàbor Sárosi ( Budapest University of Technology and Economics, supervised by Alejandra Castro)

Published by  D-ITP

11 April 2016