Delta ITP visitor programme

The Delta Institute for Theoretical Physics runs an active visitor programma for senior researchers as well as PhD students. All Delta staff members are invited to send in proposals for medium or long-term visitors that would benefit the synergy and research programme of Delta ITP. Details and the application form can be found in the guidelines (link on left side).

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Current visitors (2018)

Adrian del Maestro (University of Vermont, Burlington (USA))

Host: Lars Frits. From 1-05-2018 till 11-05-2018

Chris Quigg, Fermilab

Host: Eric Laenen. From 1-4-2018 till 6-5-2018

Cesar Agon (Stony Brook University, USA)  

Host: Jan de Boer. From 1-04-2018 till 30-04-2018

Alexander Becker, University of Boston, USA

Host: Diego Garscharelli. From 15-01-2018 till 31-03-2018 

Sadra Jazayeri (Iran, Teheran)

Host: Enrico Pajer. From 1-11-2017 till 31-03-2018

Benjamin Wallish (Cambridge University, UK)

Host: Daniel Baumann. From 1-10-2017 till 31-03-2018

Isaac Perez Castillo (Mexico, Mexico City)  

Host: JS Caux. From 3-01-18 till 03-02-2018

Fabio Scardigli (Politecnico of Milano, Italy) 

Host: Jan Zaanen. From 01-10-17 till 31-01-18

Published by  D-ITP

16 April 2018