Delta ITP Retreat 2017, Woerden Castle

On Thu 2 and Fri 3 November 2017 a Delta ITP retreat is scheduled at Kasteel Woerden (Woerden Castle). Registration is open to all members of the Delta ITP consortium, i.e. all staff, postdocs and PhD students in the theoretical physics institutes of Leiden, Utrecht and Amsterdam. REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED.


Woerden castle.

As strongly suggested by the midterm review we intend this retreat to be informative, stimulating, festive and further supporting and strengthening our community. We aim to provide a diverse program of interest to all Delta ITP members, as well as our (industrial) partners. This includes scientific talks in the spirit of the triangle meetings, more educational and interactive sessions, strategic discussions on the future of Delta ITP, as well as some keynote lectures.

The schedule will start on Thursday afternoon (13:00) and will feature a joint dinner at the site, and end on Friday afternoon (14:00). To spend the night in Woerden, which is highly recommended, rooms have been blocked in nearby hotels for your convenience.

We would like to ask all Delta ITP members to make a strong effort to join us on 2 and 3 November 2017. You can find the participants list and a list of speakers on the left side of this page. More information will become available in due time.

* Delta ITP will bear all costs for the full retreat, as well as the overnight accommodation. For all staff on Delta ITP budget this might result in a small decrease in their overall (travel) budgets.


Jan Pieter van der Schaar (Delta coordinator)

Lars Frits (Utrecht)

Enrico Pajer (Utrecht)

Vladimir Gritsev (Amsterdam)

Wouter Waalewijn (Amsterdam)

Alessandra Silvestri (Leiden)

Vadim Cheianov (Leiden)

Admin Contact

Anne-Marieke Crommentuijn (Amsterdam)

Published by  D-ITP

26 October 2017