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Past events

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Results: 1 - 5 of 5
  • Start 11 Jul 2019
    End 13 Jul 2019
    ’t Hooft 2019 - From Weak Force to Black Hole Thermodynamics and Beyond

    08:30 - 19:00 | Conference

    This year marks the twentieth anniversary of Gerard 't Hooft sharing the Nobel Prize in Physics “for elucidating the quantum structure of electroweak interactions.” On this occasion, Utrecht University will host an ...

  • Start 14 Dec 2015
    End 16 Dec 2015
    NewSpin4: transport beyond electrons


    The focus of the conference will be on spin-related phenomena, which will include both experimental as well as theoretical contributions, with emphasis on the latter. The theme connects technologically relevant ...

  • Start 7 Oct 2015
    End 9 Oct 2015
    The Information Universe


    The conference will bring together internationally renowned experts and scientists across multiple disciplines to discuss the role of information in our universe. With, amongst others, Erik Verlinde (University of ...

  • 21 Nov 2014
    National seminar theoretical high energy physics

    09:45 - 16:00 | Conference

    Speakers: Wouter Waalewijn, Alexei Smirnov, Liam McAllister and Gleb Arutyunov.

  • Start 24 Jun 2014
    End 28 Jun 2014
    Astroparticle Physics - A Joint TeVPA IDM Conference

    09:00 - 17:00 | Conference

    'Astroparticle Physics: a joint TeVPA/IDM conference' brings together two major international conference series in Astroparticle Physics: TeV Particle Astrophysics (TeVPA) and Identification of Dark Matter (IDM).