Three new Delta research proposals granted

The Delta executive board had decided that three new postdoc proposals will be granted, starting in the fall of 2019.

An internal representative selection committee evaluated and ranked the proposals, based on the NWO grading procedure (1 representing excellent, 5 representing adequate) that besides scientific quality also weighted the urgency and expected added value for the Delta ITP consortium. This evaluation was then presented to the Delta ITP executive board who decided, based on the ranking and the available budget, to award three out of the eigth postdoc proposals this year.

Granted proposals 2018 (to start in the Fall of 2019)

Postdoc positions

Probing Gravity with Gravitational Waves and Cosmology - Alessandra Silvestri (Leiden) and Samaya Nissanke (UvA). 

Employing quantum critical fluctuations to boost electrocaloric cooling at micro-Kelvins: enabling quantum technology -  Jasper van Wezel (University of Amsterdam) and Vadim Cheianov (Leiden University).

From Euler to Chern and back: Hydrodynamic and topological modes on curved surfaces - Jan de Boer (UvA), Luca Giomi (Leiden) and Jay Armas (UvA)

Published by  D-ITP

Delta ITP Office

25 February 2019