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Speakers: Suvrat Raju (ICTS, Mumbai) and  Mert Besken (UvA). Location: Utrecht.

Event details of Holography: triangle meeting
Date 29 November 2019
Time 13:30 -18:00

***Please note the unusual location***


13:30 Tea & Coffee

14:00 Suvrat Raju (ICTS, Mumbai) -  A Canonical View of Holography 

15:15 Coffee break

15:45 Mert Besken (UvA)Thermalization in 2d CFT and a proof of exponentiation of semi-classical Virasoro blocks

17:00 Borrel (drinks and snacks)


Suvrat Raju (ICTS, Mumbai)   

A Canonical View of Holography 

Abstract: We will argue, starting just from the canonical principles of quantizing gravity, that, in asymptotically anti-de Sitter space, all information about a bulk state can be obtained from bulk operators localized near the boundary on an infinitesimal time-slice. This suggests that the essential elements of holography are implicit in canonical gravity. This approach to holography is illuminating since it suggests a natural way forward for understanding holography in asymptotically flat spacetimes. We will describe some work in progress in this direction and also comment on the implications of these observations for the information paradox.

Mert Besken (University of Amsterdam 

Thermalization in 2d CFT and a proof of exponentiation of semi-classical Virasoro blocks

Abstract: Two dimensional conformal field theories possess an infinite number of conserved charges yet they are expected to exhibit thermalization on account of black hole formation in the AdS_3 dual. We explore this question at finite central charge c >1. Due to infinite dimensional Virasoro symmetry kinematics reveal non-trivial information. We identify typical states as certain descendant states and demonstrate compatibility with the eigenstate thermalization hypothesis form of matrix elements for suitable observables. We use the technology that makes it possible to compute these matrix elements to prove exponentiation of semi-classical Virasoro blocks.


Kanunnikenzaal, Utrecht University Hall (Academiegebouw) 1st floor, Domplein 29, Utrecht 


***Please note the unusual location

The entrance to the Kanunnikenzaal is from the back door of the University Hall building at Achter de Dom 7A.

You ring the bell, the receptionist will then unlock the door remotely after which you can open the door.***


This event is part of a regular series of meetings sponsored by Delta ITP with the objective of bringing together the theoretical physics communities in Amsterdam, Leiden, Utrecht and our sister nodes Groningen, Brussels (ULB and VUB) and Leuven. The topic of this meeting is holography and its applications to different physical systems. We encourage researchers from different areas in theoretical physics to participate!


Diego Hofman Uv Amsterdam
Umut Gursoy Utrecht Un.
Koenraad Schalm Leiden Un.