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Speakers: Chris Akers (MIT) and Thomas Grimm (Utrecht). Location: Leiden.

Event details of Holography: triangle meeting
Date 28 February 2020
Time 13:30 -18:00


13:30 Tea & Coffee

14:00 Chris Akers (MIT) - A simple model of black hole evaporation 

15:15 Coffee break

15:45 Thomas Grimm (Utrecht) - The asymptotic structure of string compactifications 

17:00 Borrel (drinks and snacks)


Chris Akers (MIT) 

A simple model of black hole evaporation

Abstract: I will present a model of unitary black hole evaporation that eschews the use of quantum extremal surfaces in favor of regular Ryu-Takayanagi. This simplifies the arguments of recent derivations of the Page curve using the island formula and clarifies the relationship to quantum error-correction.

Thomas Grimm (Utrecht)

The asymptotic structure of string compactifications 

Abstract: In this talk I will argue that in many string compactifications a rather universal structure, captured by asymptotic Hodge theory, emerges in the asymptotic regions of field space. This structure allows for a classification of possible boundaries and asymptotic bulk regions of field space. I describe how these insights can be used to introduce a classification of Calabi-Yau manifolds and viable flux scalar potentials. To illustrate physical applications, I argue that one can check the asymptotic de Sitter conjecture for infinite distance limits and show the finiteness of self-dual flux vacua.


Huygens Laboratory 211/214, Niels Bohrweg 2, Leiden


This event is part of a regular series of meetings sponsored by Delta ITP with the objective of bringing together the theoretical physics communities in Amsterdam, Leiden, Utrecht and our sister nodes Groningen, Brussels (ULB and VUB) and Leuven. The topic of this meeting is holography and its applications to different physical systems. We encourage researchers from different areas in theoretical physics to participate!


Diego Hofman Uv Amsterdam
Umut Gursoy Utrecht Un.
Koenraad Schalm Leiden Un.