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The Foundation FOM has awarded three theoretical physicists with a ‘Projectruimte’ grant: Ben Freivogel (University of Amsterdam), Dirk Schuricht (Utrecht University) and Rembert Duine (Utrecht University).

Ben Freivogel, University of Amsterdam

Dr Ben Freivogel (University of Amsterdam) received the grant for his proposal Quantifying violations of causality in quantum gravity. With the grant, Freivogel will hire a PHD student and a postdoc researcher. Freivogel and his team will investigate in what situations the locality of physics may be violated, by studying aspects of quantum gravity.

Dirk Schuricht, Utrecht University

Dr Dirk Schuricht (Utrecht University) works on condensed matter theory, and received the grant for his proposal Emergent quantum states and novel relaxation mechanisms in general quantum quenches.

Rembert Duine, Utrecht University

Dr Rembert Duine (Utrecht University) shares a 'Projectruimte' grant with Prof. Henk Swagten (TU/e) for their research proposal  SKYRMIONICS - towards skyrmions for nanoelectronics.

For this grant, 17 proposals were considered. The Executive Board of the FOM Foundation decided to award six proposals in the FOM-Projectruimte. A total of 2.3 million euros has been awarded to the projects.

FOM Projectruimte

The Projectruimte is one of the grant instruments that FOM has to fund physics research. The Projectruimte makes it possible to realise small-scale projects of fundamental research with an innovative character and a demonstrable scientific, industrial or societal urgency.

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