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The Delta ITP board recently decided to grant 5 new research projects.

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  • Non-equilibrium dynamics of local probes in ultra-cold quantum gases - Vadim Cheianov, Jean-Sebastièn Caux (postdoc, Leiden)
  • Holographic description of extremal black holes - Alejandra Castro, Stefan Vandoren (postdoc)
  • Testing generalized theories of gravity with galaxy bias and non-linear structure formation - Ana Achúcarro, Enrico Pajer, Alessandra Silvestri (PhD, Leiden)
  • Topological soft matter -  Vincenzo Vitelli, Edan Lerner, Fred MacKintosh (PhD, Amsterdam)
  • A high and low-energy approach to topological order and transitions between topological phases - Jan de Boer, Jasper van Wezel, Jan Zaanen (PhD, Amsterdam)

Next year there will be a new possibility to apply. Expected deadline: end of October 2015.