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Leiden researchers prof. Jan Zaanen and prof. Koenraad Schalm received a FOM Projectruimte Grant for their research proposal ‘The strange metals: when quantum entanglement reaches its extreme’.

Jan Zaanen (l) and Koenraad Schalm

Zaanen and Schalm receive the equivalent of five post-doc years to execute theoretical research on highly collective forms of entanglement in strange metals. These strange metals are discovered by probing exotic materials such as high temperature superconductors. They are famous for their peculiar physical properties that cannot be explained with established many-particle quantum physics.

Resting on mathematical methods developed in string theory (holographic duality) the two Leiden professors will explore the hypothesis that strange metals are maximally entangled states of quantum matter—a type of matter different from the everyday matter that we experience in daily life. Zaanen: ‘This research is the most exciting thing today in ultramodern physics. We might revolutionise our understanding of the world in the way Einstein did back in the 1910’s.’ 


About FOM

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