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The results of the Delta ITP project round 2015 were decided on Tuesday 17 November 2015, based on an evaluation of an independent and representative committee. Based on the grading, the excutive board decided to grant 2 PhD and 3 postdoc positions this year.


Granted PhD proposals (2) 

Critical and topological properties of ergodic--non-ergodic transitions in quantum many-body systems - Vadim Cheianov (UL), Vladimir Gritsev (UvA)

How cells avoid topological trouble - Helmut Schiessel (UL), Gerard Barkema (UU)

Granted PD proposals (3) 

Probing the nature of inflation - Daniel Bauman (UvA), Enrico Pajer (UU)

Holographic band structure: strange metals in periodic potentials - Stefan Vandoren (UU), Jan Zaanen (UL)

The Lyman-alpha forest as a probe of fundamental physics - Alexey Boyarsky (UL), Christoph Weniger (UvA)


Every year the Delta Institute for Theoretical Physics expects to fund several PhD and postdoc positions, assigned to those research projects that best serve the general objectives of the Delta ITP initiative. The proposed projects should strengthen the Delta ITP cohesion, i.e. will have to involve scientists from at least two of the three institutes. Granted proposals from previous years can be found here

We expect a new round in the fall of 2016.