Jan de Boer member of new NWO domain board Physical and Natural Sciences

16 December 2016

As per 1 February 2017, prof. Jan de Boer, head of the theoretical physics department in Amsterdam, will be a member of the new NWO domain board for Physical and Natural Sciences. De Boer is currently a member of the Executive Board of the FOM Foundation.

Jan de Boer was appointed professor of theoretical physics at the University of Amsterdam in 2000. De Boer studied mathematics and physics in Groningen and received his PhD degree in Utrecht in 1993. He is one of the main drivers behind the UvA research focus point GRAPPA (GRavity and AstroParticle Physics Amsterdam), one of the initiators of the Delta Institute for Theoretical Physics, head of the Institute of Theoretical Physics in Amsterdam as well as acting Director of Education for the Faculty of Science.

NWO domains

NWO, the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research, is currently undergoing major changes in its organisation. One of these changes will be that in 2017, the current nine divisions will be clustered into four domains. Besides the Physical and Natural Sciences domain that De Boer will be a board member of, there will be new domains in Social Sciences and Humanities, Applied and Engineering Sciences as well as a domain for ZonMw, the Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development.

Source: NWO

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