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The Delta Institute for Theoretical Physics granted three new research projects.


The granted research projects are:

Postdoc positions 

Quantum geometry and non-perturbative effective theories, submitted by Miranda Cheng (Amsterdam), Thomas W. Grimm (Utrecht)

Probing the fundamental nature of dark matter particles: identifying gaps in stellar streams with machine learning, by submitted by Gianfranco Bertone (GRAPPA) & Alexey Boyarsky (Leiden University)

PhD position 

Resummation and power corrections for LHC collisions, submitted by Eric Laenen (UU), Wouter Waalewijn (UvA) 


Every year the Delta Institute for Theoretical Physics expects to fund several PhD and postdoc positions, assigned to those research projects that best serve the general objectives of the Delta ITP initiative. The proposed projects should strengthen the Delta ITP cohesion, and will have to involve scientists from at least two of the three institutes. The next project round will be expected Fall 2017.

Granted proposals from previous years