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An online version of the Delta ITP Annual Report 2018 is now available for download, with many extra's the paper version doesn't have!


This is a light, easy to download version of the Annual Report (1,2 MB). Image resolution is therefore not in the highest quality, but on the bright side: almost all links are clickable, leading you to much more interesting places then the paper version of the annual report suggests!  

FI: you have direct acces to the Colloquium Ehrenfesti given by the 2018 Lorentz Medal laureate Juan Maldacena  ‘Wormholes and entangled states’, you can browse through the lovely illustrated childrens book 'Femke en het Zwarte gat' by former PhD students Diego Cohen (UvA) and Watse Siebesma (Utrecht), or watch the complete public lecture given by Robbert Dijkgraaf during the very first edition of the Amsterdam series of Science & Cocktails in Paradiso, Sept 2018.  

If you would like to receive (more) printed copies, you can contact your local Delta contact person, or sent a mail directly to Delta ITP admin.