Scientific Advisory Council

In 2019, as recommended by the the mid-term review, the Delta ITP supervisory board officially installed a Scientific Advisory Council.

The role of the Scientific Advisory Council is to monitor the strength and impact of the research done within Delta ITP and advice the Executive Board on all matters related to the (effectiveness of the) scientific program. By identifying international trends and opportunities the Scientific Advisory Council will allow Delta ITP to remain flexible, react appropriately to new and exciting avenues in theoretical physics, and sustain its international impact.

Current members



Prof. Gerd Schön (chair), Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.  


Prof. Luis Álvarez-Gaumé, director of the Simons Centre for Geometry and Physics, Stony Brook University.


Prof. Ruth Gregory, Durham University, Institute for Particle Physics Phenomenology.


Prof. Dov Levine, Technion University, Dept of Physics.

Published by  D-ITP

22 May 2019