Delta ITP visitor programme

Current visitors (2019)

The Delta Institute for Theoretical Physics runs an active visitor programma for senior researchers as well as PhD students. All Delta staff members are invited to send in proposals for medium or long-term visitors that would benefit the synergy and research programme of Delta ITP. Details and the application form can be found in the guidelines (link on left side).

Medium (2-6 weeks) and long term (more than 6 weeks) visitors:

Anatoly Polkovnikov, Boston University
Host: Vladimir Gritsev. From 01-04-19 till 10-07-19

José Ignacio Latorre, University of Barcelona
Host: Kareljan Schoutens. From 01-03-19 till 31-05-19

James Bonifacio, Case Western Reserve University
Host: Daniel Baumann. From 10-03-19 till 24-03-19

Austin Joyce, Columbia University
Host: Daniel Baumann. From 10-03-19 till 24-03-19

Johanna Erdmenger, University of Wuerzburg
Host: Jan de Boer. From 02-09-19 till 13-09-19

Inanc Adagideli, Sabanci University, Istanbul
Host: Carlo Beenakker. from 15-01-19 till 15-07-19     

Isaac Perez Castillo, UNAM Mexico
Host: Jean-Sébastien Caux. From 07-01-19 till 25-01-19

Visiting PhD Students

Iman Mahyaeh , Stockholm University 
Host: Dirk Schuricht. From 01-04-19 till 31-05-19 

Laura Johnson, Case Western Reserve University
Host: Daniel Baumann. From 10-03-19 till 24-03-19

Published by  D-ITP

11 March 2019