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Results: 1 - 20 of 85
  • Quantum transport in fractal networks
    30 Jul 2021
    By investigating quantum transport in artificially designed fractal structures, we might be making the first steps towards the long journey that will be the unification of physics, mathematics, biology and computer ...
  • From quantum gravity to strange metals
    28 Jul 2021
    What does a quantum theory of gravity have in common with electrons in a ’strange’ metal? At first sight: not much, but this week in Nature a Dutch NWO consortium, including researchers Jake Ayres, Maarten Berben and ...
  • Delta ITP update on Corona Developments
    30 Mar 2020
    First briefing on Corona Developments. Budget reservations for workshops, visitors, events etc can be used until the end of the calendar year. Advanced Topics course continues online. Delta ITP retreat (May 27) ...
  • Emmy Noether Distinction for Women in Physics awarded to Cristiane Morais Smith
    17 Dec 2019
    The Winter 2019 EPS Emmy Noether Distinction is awarded to Cristiane Morais Smith from the Institute for Theoretical Physics, Utrecht University, the Netherlands, and board member of the Delta Institute for ...
  • Christoph Weniger receives ‘Big Science’ grant for dark matter research
    12 Dec 2019
    The 'DarkGenerators' proposal by theoretical astrophysicist Christoph Weniger (University of Amsterdam) was awarded an Innovative eScience Technologies for ‘Big Science’ grant from the Netherlands eScience Center and ...
  • Luca Giomi (Leiden) wins ERC Consolidator Grant for flowing cells
    10 Dec 2019
    Theoretical physicist Luca Giomi, Leiden University, receives a 2 million euro ERC Consolidator Grant for research into flowing cells in a strange hexatic phase, which is half fluid, half solid.
  • ENW-KLEIN for Marcel Vonk: Solving unsolvable problems
    2 Dec 2019
    The mathematical problems that physicists encounter can rarely be solved exactly. The mathematical technique of resurgence can be a very useful tool to solve such 'unsolvable' problems. Mathematical physicist Marcel ...
  • Gianfranco Bertone, professor of Theoretical Astroparticle Physics
    27 Nov 2019
    Prof. Gianfranco Bertone (1975) has been appointed professor of Theoretical Astroparticle Physics at the Faculty of Science of the University of Amsterdam (UvA).
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    Three new Delta research projects granted
    11 Nov 2019
    The Delta executive board had decided that three new postdoc proposals will be granted, starting in the Fall of 2019. Out of 11 postdoc proposals, 3 were awarded. 
  • First scientific mural painting in Utrecht: Buys Ballot proves the Doppler effect
    19 Oct 2019
    How many Utrechters are aware of the ground-breaking discoveries that have been made in their city by people who walked the very same streets? In order to raise awareness for Utrecht’s many scientific discoveries, ...
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    Taking matter in your own hands: cornering the 'zero mode'
    24 Sep 2019
    A group of physicists in Utrecht, San Sebastián and Pennsylvania created a new artificial molecule, which is insulating inside but has electronic states localised in its corners. These states have zero energy, and ...
  • A drawing from the paper that indicates the mathematical “communications channel” between the quantum gravity theory (depicted as the interior of the circle) to the purely quantum mechanical theory (the circle itself). Jordan Cotler, Patrick Hayden, Geoffrey Penington, Grant Salton, Brian Swingle, and Michael Walter, Entanglement Wedge Reconstruction via Universal Recovery Channels, Phys. Rev. X 9, 031011.
    Encoding gravity - without gravity
    1 Aug 2019
    Surprisingly, the combination of gravity and quantum mechanics can be encoded in laws of nature that do not involve gravity at all. Physicists from the UvA Institute of Physics and several US universities have now ...
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    NWO KLEIN Grant for Carlo Beenakker
    3 Jul 2019
    Are Weyl particles the ideal conductors? Carlo Beenakker, theoretical physicist at Leiden University, wants to investigate this question. He received a KLEIN grant from the NWO. With these grants, NWO wants to ...
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    Alessandra Silvestri wins Vidi for understanding the universe
    27 May 2019
    Alessandra Silvestri, a cosmologist at the Leiden Institute of Physics (LION), has been awarded an NWO Vidi garant for understanding the expanding universe.
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    Delta ITP Annual Report 2018 online available
    20 May 2019
    An online version of the Delta ITP Annual Report 2018 is now available for download, with many extra's the paper version doesn't have!
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    ERC Advanced Grant for Delta ITP physicists Jan de Boer and Carlo Beenakker
    29 Mar 2019
    The European Research Council (ERC) has awarded prestigious Advanced Grants to theoretical physicists Jan de Boer (University of Amsterdam) and Carlo Beenakker (Leiden University). The grant, which totals 2.5 million ...
  • Discovering new particles using black holes
    27 Feb 2019
    Some theories that go beyond the Standard Model of particle physics predict the existence of new ultralight particles, with masses much below the lightest known particles in nature. When these particles have very ...
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    Vici grant for Rembert Duine
    26 Feb 2019
    Theoretical physicist Rembert Duine (Utrecht University) will receive an NWO Vici grant of 1.5 million euros for his project 'Fluid electronics'. Duine previously received an ERC Consolidator Grant for his research.
  • Another blow for the dark matter interpretation of the Galactic Centre Excess
    6 Aug 2018
    For almost ten years, astronomers have been studying a mysterious diffuse radiation coming from the centre of our Galaxy. Originally, it was thought that this radiation could originate from the elusive dark matter ...
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    Physicists in Utrecht and Stockholm discover unique effect
    29 May 2018
    Scientists around the world are busy looking for chiral superconductors because they are predicted to be ideal for building quantum computers. Until now, it has not been easy to determine whether a material is ...