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The NWO Gravitation funding enabled Delta ITP to fund a significant number of PhD and postdoc positions, assigned to those research projects that best served the general synergetic objectives of the Delta ITP initiative. These projects strengthened the cohesion, and involved scientists from at least two of the three institutes. With the NWO Gravitation funding ending in August 2023, the last postdoc projects were awarded in 2019 and ended in 2022.
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In 2019, three postdoc research proposals were granted:

Realizing the Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev model in strained iridates, by Lars Fritz (UU), Philippe Corboz (UvA).

First constraints on quantum models of Dark Energy, by Elisa Chisari, Tomislav Prokopec (UU), Alessandra Silvestri (Leiden).

Towards a dynamic density functional theory for chemotactic and phoretic active matter, by Sara Jabbari Farouji (UvA), Rene van Roij (UU).


In 2018, three postdoc research proposals were granted. 

Postdoc positions

Probing Gravity with Gravitational Waves and Cosmology - Alessandra Silvestri (Leiden) and Samaya Nissanke (UvA). 

Employing quantum critical fluctuations to boost electrocaloric cooling at micro-Kelvins: enabling quantum technology -  Jasper van Wezel (University of Amsterdam) and Vadim Cheianov (Leiden University).

From Euler to Chern and back: Hydrodynamic and topological modes on curved surfaces - Jan de Boer (UvA), Luca Giomi (Leiden) and Jay Armas (UvA)


In 2017, one postdoc and two PhD research proposals were granted.

Postdoc position 

Holography for Dirac nodal loops in ZrSiS  - Henk Stoof (UU), Jan Zaanen (Leiden), Koenraad Schalm (Leiden) and Umut Gürsoy (UU).

PhD positions 

Disorder: The multifractal bridge between strings and experiment  - Vladimir Gritsev (UvA), Cristiane Morais Smith (UU), and Miranda Cheng (UvA) 

The microphysics of cosmic inflation, one feature at a time - Ana Achucarro (Leiden) , Jan Pieter van der Schaar (UvA)


In 2016, three new research projects were granted:

Postdoc positions 

Quantum geometry and non-perturbative effective theories, submitted by Miranda Cheng (Amsterdam), Thomas W. Grimm (Utrecht)

Probing the fundamental nature of dark matter particles: identifying gaps in stellar streams with machine learning, by submitted by Gianfranco Bertone (GRAPPA) & Alexey Boyarsky (Leiden University)

PhD position 

Resummation and power corrections for LHC collisions, submitted by Eric Laenen (UU), Wouter Waalewijn (UvA) 


In 2015, three postdoc and two PhD research proposals were granted. 

Postdoc positions

Probing the nature of inflation - Daniel Bauman (UvA), Enrico Pajer (UU)

Holographic band structure: strange metals in periodic potentials - Stefan Vandoren (UU), Jan Zaanen (UL)

The Lyman-alpha forest as a probe of fundamental physics - Alexei Boyarsky (UL), Christoph Weniger (UvA)

PhD positions

Critical and topological properties of ergodic--non-ergodic transitions in quantum many-body systems - Vadim Cheianov (UL), Vladimir Gritsev (UvA)

How cells avoid topological trouble - Helmut  Schiessel (UL), Gerard Barkema (UU)


In 2014, two postdoc and three PhD research proposals were granted.

Postdoc positions 

Non-equilibrium dynamics of local probes in ultra-cold quantum gases - Vadim Cheianov (UL), Jean-Sébastien Caux (UvA)

Holographic description of extremal black holes  - Alejandra Castro (UvA), Stefan Vandoren (UU)

PHD positions

Testing generalized theories of gravity with galaxy bias and non-linear structure formation  - Ana Achúcarro (UL), Enrico Pajer (UU), Alessandra Silvestri (UL)

Topological soft matter -  Vincenzo Vitelli (UL), Edan Lerner (UvA), Fred MacKintosh (VU)

A high and low-energy approach to topological order and transitions between topological phases - Jan de Boer (UvA), Jasper van Wezel (UvA), Jan Zaanen (UL)


In 2013, three postdoc and three PhD research proposals were granted. 

Postdoc positions

Topological states at the interface of oxide heterostructures - Cristiane Morais Smith (UU), Kareljan Schoutens (UvA), Jan Zaanen (UL)

Charting the string inflationary landscape  - Enrico Pajer (UU), Ben Freivogel (UvA), Jan Pieter van der Schaar (UvA).

Non-trivial Scaling in Holographic Theories in Physics - Umut Fursoy (UU), Diego Hofman (UvA)

PhD positions

Holography for Ultra-cold Bosons at Unitarity  - Henk Stoof (UU), Jan de Boer (UvA), Stefan Vandoren (UU)

Impurities in Dirac and Weyl semimetals - Lars Fritz (UU), Vadim Cheianov (UL), Carlo Beenakker (UL)

A topological take on open quantum systems - Vladimir Gritsev (UvA), Dirk Schuricht (UU) and Jean-Sébastien Caux (UvA)


In 2012, three postdoc and three PhD research proposals were granted. 

Postdoc positions

Topological soft matter – Vincenzo Vitelli (UL), Turner

Quantum black holes in AdS – Stefan Vandoren (UU), Koenraad Schalm (UL), Jan de Boer (UvA) 

Testing the fundamental properties of dark matter particles with astrophysical observations – Gianfranco Bertone (UvA), Alexey Boyarsky (UL) 

PhD positions

Understanding and testing cosmic inflation – Ana Achúcarro (UL), Ben Freivogel (UvA), Jan Pieter van der Schaar (UvA), Tomislav Prokopec (UU) 

Dynamics of topological spin textures in disordered media - Gerard Barkema (UU/UL), Rembert Duine (UU), Vincenzo Vitelli (UL) 

Floquet topological insulator with ultracold fermions in optical lattices - Cristiane Morais Smith (UU), Jean-Sébastien Caux (UvA), Carlo Beenakker (UL)