Theory in Practice

Together with the Industry Advisory Council the Delta ITP has developed a workshop series for advanced theoretical physics master (2nd year) and PhD students.

The workshop series aims to get the students acquainted with a variety of analytics driven organisations in the (semi-) private sector, to meet a diverse group of former physics graduates and learn how they shaped their careers, and increase their hands-on problem solving skills while working in a team. Similarly, it allows the participating organisations outside academia to meet students and get their perspective on some of the existing challenges within their organisation.

The workshop series is a voluntary course, without credits, and students can only register for the full program. Besides a kickoff and a closing meeting at Science Park Amsterdam all workshops take place at the participating organisations and include an introduction to the organisation and a specific casus that needs to be cracked and presented. The first edition was heavily oversubscribed and a huge success on all fronts. In the evaluation all participants concluded in that a workshop of this type was a missing ingredient in their respective theoretical physics master programs.

The second editon was organised in 2017 Spring. We aim to offer the workshop on a bi-annual basis.

For the Fall of 2019, a new worskhop Theory in Practice is expected to take place. Announcements will be made in due time.

Published by  D-ITP

20 May 2019