Delta ITP Fellows

To attract the best talent from all over the globe, the Delta Institute for Theoretical Physics plans to hire a total number of six prestigious Delta Fellowships, with a three-year duration. The level of scientific maturity and independence expected for these fellowships is absolute world class. In order to be internationally competitive, the Delta Fellows receive a personal annual budget of 10 k€.

No separate application procedure for the Delta ITP fellowships exists. Suitable candidates can only be nominated by Delta ITP faculty, who are expected to contact the prospective candidate and in case of potential interest ask for their application material (a cv, list of publications and short research description). Every December a maximum number of nine Delta ITP fellowship candidates will be evaluated and ranked by the Delta ITP executive board and institute representatives. As long as funding is available the highest ranked, positively assessed, fellowship candidate will then receive an offer.

The following fellows joined the Delta Institute:

Current fellows

Tanja Hinderer, Gravitational Wave Physics, Multimessenger Astronomy (Amsterdam, Grappa, September 2018)

Vincenzo Alba, Condensed Matter THeory (Amsterdam, October 2018)

Matteo Martinelli, Cosmology (Leiden, from Oct 2017)

Previous fellows 

Francesco Benini, Quantum Fields and Strings (Amsterdam, Sept 2014 - Feb 2015)

Alessandra Silvestri, Theoretical Cosmology (Leiden, Aug 2014 - June 2015)

Jimmy Hutasoit, Condensed Matter Theory (Leiden, from Aug 2014 - 2016)

Nabil Iqbal, String Theory and Holography (Amsterdam, Sept 2015 - Dec 2016)

David Vegh (Utrecht, January 2016 - Oct 2017))

Dionysios Anninos, Black Holes, Cosmoloy, and Strings (Amsterdam,  Aug 2017 - Nov 2018)

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Office D-ITP

3 December 2018