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It's a great pleasure to welcome our DITP visitors, Prof. Paolo Zanardi and Dr. Lorenzo Campos Venuti from University of Southern California, Los Angeles (USA). They will give several introductory lectures and research seminars on Quantum Information with the emphasis on quantum geometric approach. These lectures are organized together with the QuSoft initiative and will take place at the usual QuSoft location (CWI building).



Friday 10 June, room L016

  10.00 Paolo Zanardi (part 1)

  12.00 Lunch

  12.45 Lorenzo Campos Venuti (part 1)

Monday 13 June, room L017

  11.00 Lorenzo Campos Venuti (part 2)

Friday 17 June, room L016

  11.00 Paolo Zanardi (part 2)

  12.00 Lunch

Tuesday 21 June, room L017

  11.00 Paolo Zanardi (part 3)

Thursday 23 June, room L017

  11.00 Paolo Zanardi (part 4) 

Paolo Zanardi  

A (super) brief Introduction to quantum Information geometry

In this mini lecture series I will discuss some of the basic ideas of (quantum) information geometry. The emphasis will be given to local (differential) geometrical concepts as quantum Fisher metric and its applications to parameter estimation and quantum phase transitions. Time permitting also connections aka gauge potentials, over quantum states bundles will be touched upon.

No previous knowledge of these topics will be assumed (but quantum theory formalism), the lectures will be elementary and aimed at non-experts (like the speaker). A tentative programme:

Lect 1: Global and Local geometry of classical and quantum statistical model. Cramer-Rao bounds

Lect 2: (Quantum) Fisher Metric for mixed (and pure) quantum states.

Lect 3: Quantum information geometry and Quantum Phase Transitions

Lect 4: Connections on bundles of quantum states (Berry, Ullmann)


Vladimir Gritsev


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