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Diego Cohen-Maldonado, PhD student in theoretical physics at the Insitute of Physics, was assigned the FOM Physics Poster Prize 2016. The prize, 750 euro, was awardes at the tenth edition of Physics@FOM in Veldhoven, the annual Dutch physics meeting organised by the Foundation for Fundamental Research and Matter (FOM).

Diego Cohen Maldonado received the FOM Physics Poster Prize 2016.

The award-winning poster - Obseration on Fluxes Near Anti-Branes - gives a recipe for explaining the mysterious dark energy from string theory. Dark energy makes up for 75 % of the energy contents of our universe, but until now, nobody really has a hinge as where to look for this enigmatic stuff.

General Relativity has given us a nice model for gravity, and fits most of the experimental data. However, the theory provides no answers on the origin of dark matter and dark energy.  String theory, a quantum theory of gravity, might come to a rescue.

Segment of the award winning poster by Diego Cohen-Maldonado

The poster describes work done by Diego Cohen-Maldonado, Bert Vercnocke (both UvA) Juan Díaz and Thomas van Riet (both KU Leuven). A PDF version of the poster can be downloaded with the link below.