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The High Energy Physics Division of the European Physical Society has awarded its biennial Outreach Prize to UvA-IoP physicist Jay Armas. Armas receives the prize for his outstanding combination of activities on science communication, most notably for the ‘Science & Cocktails’ event series.

Science & Cocktails is an initiative that brings science and entertainment closer together, by creating a series of public lectures intertwined with music/art performances and, of course, cocktails. Armas founded the concept in 2010 in Copenhagen, and it has since then grown to become a registered non-profit organisation dedicated to improving the communication of scientific research to the general public, with regular events in Amsterdam, Brussels, Copenhagen, Aarhus and Johannesburg.

Jay Armas, theoretical physicist at UvA/IoP

Armas’ initiative was previously awarded the Genius Prize for science communication by the Danish Association of Science Journalists. The EPS-HEPP Outreach Prize again underwrites the success of this popular scientific event series. The Outreach Prize is awarded once every two years, for outstanding achievement in outreach, including education and the promotion of diversity, in connection with High Energy Physics and/or Particle Astrophysics.

Armas will receive the prize on August 21, 2023, during the EPS-HEP 2023 conference (21-25 August) at the University of Hamburg.