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Visitors 2015

Medium (2-6 weeks) and long term (more than 6 weeks) visitors at the Delta Institute for Theoretical Physics in 2015, including a list of visiting PhD students.

Medium (2-6 weeks) and long term (more than 6 weeks) visitors

Alexei Starobinsky, Landau Institute, Moscow, RAS

Host: Tomislav Prokopec, UU

Daniel Baumann, DAMPT, Cambridge University

Regular visitor Amsterdam String theory group

Zeb Rocklin, University of Michigan

Host:  Vincenzo Vitelli (Leiden Univ) 01-10-2015 till 15-11-2015

Natalie Paquette, Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA, USA

Host: Miranda Cheng (Amsterdam) from 15-09-2015 till 15-12-2015

Giovanni Cabass, Sapienza Universit√† di Roma

Host: Enrico Pajer (Utrecht)

John Toner, University of Oregon

Host: Vincenzo Vitelli (LeidenUniv) from  01-09-2015 till 30-09-2015

Ogan Ozsoy, Syracuse, NY, USA

Host: Jan Pieter van der Schaar (Amsterdam), from 01-09-2015 till 15-11-2015  

David Ramirez (Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA)

Host: Diego Hofman (Amsterdam), from 15-09-2015 to 15-10-2015

John Toner, University of Oregon

Host: Vincenzo Vitelli (Leiden Univ), from 28-08-2015 till 28-09-2015

Frank Tackmann, Hamburg, Germany

Host: Wouter Waalewijn, Nikhef Amsterdam, from 27-07-2015 till  07-08-2015

Iain Stewart (MIT)

Host: Wouter Waalewijn (Nikhef Amsterdam)  Summer 2015 

Valentina Salvatelli, CPT Marseille, France

Host: Alessandra Silvestri (Leiden Univ), from 22-06-2015 till 09-07-2015

Diptarka Das, University of Kentucky

Host: Nabil Iqbal, Amsterdam, Summer 2015

Armen E Allahverdyan, Yerevan, Armenia 

Host : Theo Nieuwenhuizen (Amsterdam), from 18-05-2015 till 17-06-2015 

Igor Aleiner, Columbia University, NY

Host: Vadim Cheianov (Leiden Univ),  from 17-05-2015 till 31-05-2015

Mikhail Zvonarev (Lab of Theoretical Physics and Statistical Models (LPTMS), CNRS, France)

Host: Vadim Cheyanov (Leiden) and Vladimir Gritsev (UvA), from 06-04-2015 till 04-05-2015

Alexander Chudnovskiy

Host: Vadim Cheianov (Leiden Univ), from 22-02-2015 till 04-03-2015

Visiting PhD students

Elena Garuccio, Siena, Italy

Host: Diego Garlaschelli (Leiden Univ), from 16-10-2015 till 15-04-2016.