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Visitors 2017

Medium (2-6 weeks) and long term (more than 6 weeks) visitors at the Delta Institute for Theoretical Physics in 2017, including a list of visiting PhD students.

Medium (2-6 weeks) and long term (more than 6 weeks) visitors

Fabio Scardigli (Politecnico of Milano, Italy) 

Host: Jan Zaanen (Leiden), from 01-10-17 till 31-01-18

Tim Tait (UC Irvine)  

Host: Gianfranco Bertone (GRAPPA Amsterdam), from 01-09-17 till 20-12-17

Pedro Ribeiro (Portugal, Lisbon) 

Host: Jean-Sébastien Caux (Amsterdam), from 01-09-17 till 30-11-17

Boris Krippa (Southampton Solent University, UK)

Host: Henk Stoof (Utrecht), from 24-07-17 till 04-09-17

Andrew K Mitchell (University College Dublin, Ireland)

Host: Lars Fritz (Utrecht) from 03-07-17 till 12-07-17

Andrei Linde (Stanford University)

Host: Carlo Beenakker, spring 2017

Hong Liu (MIT)

Host: Umut Gursoy (Utrecht), from 15-06-17 till 15-07-17  

Adam R. Solomon (UPenn, Philadelphia, USA)

Host: Alessandra Silvestri (Leiden), from 05-06-17 till 10-07-17

Tim Linden, Ohio State University

Host: Christoph Weniger (GRAPPA Amsterdam), from 11-06-17 till 18-06-17  

Eduardo C. Marino (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)  

Host: Cristiane Morais Smith (Utrecht), from 04-05-17 till 16-06-17

Anatoli Polkovnikov (USA, Boston University) 

Host: Vladimir Gritsev (Amsterdam), from 21-05-17 till 30-05-17  

Eugene Demler (Harvard University)

Host: Vladimir Gritsev (Amsterdam) from 15-05-17 till 22-05-17  

Yaroslav Tserkovnyak (University of California, Los Angeles)

Host: Rembert Duine (Utrecht), from  17-04-17 till 16-06-17  

Bahareh Shakiba (Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences (IASBS), Zanjan, Iran)

Host: Helmut Schiessel, 15-03-17 till 15-06-17

Giovanni Cabass (La Sapienza U. Rome) 

Host: Enrico Pajer (Utrecht), from 20-02-17 till 24-03-17

Brandon DiNunno (University of Texas at Austin)

Host: Umut Gursoy (Utrecht), from 15-01-17 till 15-04-17  

Oleksandr Sobol (Ukraine, Kyiv)

Host: Alexey Boyarsky (Leiden), from 09-01-17 till 07-04-17  

Leo Radzihovsky (University of Colorado Boulder)

Host: Vincenzo Vitelli (Leiden), from  15-01-17 till 15-02-17

Magnus Tournoy (Leuven, Belgium)

Host: Jan Pieter van der Schaar, from 16-10-2017 till 15-12-2017

John Beacom (Columbus, Ohio (USA))  

Host: Gianfranco Bertone. From 14-10-2017 till 14-11-2017

Oleg Lychkovskiy (Skoltech, Moscow, Russia) 

Host:  J.-S. Caux, V. Cheianov and O. Gamayun. From 30-10-2017 till 14-11-2017

Frederic Piechon (Paris Orsay, France)

Host: Lars Frits. From 20-11-2017 till 25-11-2017

Marcos César Amor Pérez Leiva (Brazil, Porto Alegre)

Host: Cristiane Morais Smith. From 17-11-17 till 15-12-2017

Benjamin Wallish (Cambridge University, UK)

Host: Daniel Baumann. From 1-10-2017 till 31-03-2018

Sadra Jazayeri (Iran, Teheran)

Host: Enrico Pajer. From 1-11-2017 till 31-03-2018

Visiting PhD students

Carlo Nicolini (Rovereto, Italy) - with Diego Garlaschelli (Leiden), from 10-04-17 till 10-07-17

Jaewon Kim (USA, Princeton) - with Jean-Sébastien Caux (Amsterdam), from 25-05-17 till 28-07-17 

Gizem Sengor (Syracuse University) - with Jan Pieter van der Schaar (Amsterdam), from 04-09-17 till 22-12-17