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Medium (2-6 weeks) and long term (more than 6 weeks) visitors at the Delta Institute for Theoretical Physics in 2018, including a list of visiting PhD students.

Medium (2-6 weeks) and long term (more than 6 weeks) visitors 

Emil Yuzbashyan (Rutgers, USA) 

Host: Vadim Cheianov. From 17-11-2018 til 1-12-2018. 

Mauro Valli (INFN Rome) 

Host: Christoph Weniger. From 23-4-208 till 4-5-2018. 

Maulik Parikh (Phoenix, Arizona) 

Host: JP van der Schaar. From 1-4-2018 till 30-6-2018.

Adrian del Maestro (University of Vermont, Burlington (USA)) 

Host: Lars Frits. From 1-05-2018 till 11-05-2018.

Chris Quigg (Fermilab) 

Host: Eric Laenen. From 1-4-2018 till 6-5-2018.

Cesar Agon (Stony Brook University, USA) 

Host: Jan de Boer. From 1-04-2018 till 30-04-2018.

Alexander Becker, University of Boston, USA 

Host: Diego Garscharelli. From 15-01-2018 till 31-03-2018. 

Sadra Jazayeri (Iran, Teheran) 

Host: Enrico Pajer. From 1-11-2017 till 31-03-2018.

Benjamin Wallish (Cambridge University, UK) 

Host: Daniel Baumann. From 1-10-2017 till 31-03-2018. 

Isaac Perez Castillo (Mexico, Mexico City) 

Host: JS Caux. From 3-01-18 till 03-02-2018.

Fabio Scardigli (Politecnico of Milano, Italy) 

Host: Jan Zaanen. From 01-10-17 till 31-01-18.

Visiting PhD Students 

Rodrigo Arouca de Albuquerque (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Host: Cristiane de Morais Smith. From 30-9-2018 til 15-12-2018. PhD program

Nicolas Kovensky (La Plata, Argentina)

Host: Diego Hofman. From 26-2-2018 till 8-6-2018, 8-6-208 till 30-6-2018 and from 8-10-2018 till 12-10-2018.