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Visitors 2022

Medium (2-6 weeks) and long term (more than 6 weeks) visitors at the Delta Institute for Theoretical Physics in 2022, including a list of visiting PhD students.

Medium (2-6 weeks) and long term (more than 6 weeks) visitors:

Ian Stewart, MIT
Host: Wouter Waalewijn. From 19-03-2022 till 26-03-2022

Hosho Katsura, University of Tokyo
Host: Dirk Schuricht. From 06-10-2022 till 02-11-2022
Giorgio Torrieri, Instituto de Fisica Gleb Wataghin, Universidade Estadual de Campinas

Host: Umut Gursoy. From: 12-02-2022 till 25-02-22

Tanguy Grall, Cambridge University
Host: Daniel Baumann. From 10-01-2022 till 18-04-2022 

Daniele Gaggero, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid    
Host: Gianfranco Bertone. From 01-11-2021 till 30-04-2022

Micha Berkooz, Weizmann institute 
Host: Jan de Boer. From 01-10-2021 till 31-01-2022
Emil Yuzbashyan, Rutgers University

Host: Vladimir Gritsev. From 05-10-2022 tot 05-11-2022

Visiting PhD Students

Ankit Aggarwal, Universite Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium 
Host: Alejandra Castro. From 01-06-2022 tot 31-12-2022

Irvin Martinez, University of Capetown 
Host: Tanja Hinderer. From 01-03-2022 till 23-04-2022

Mir Mehedi Faruk, McGill University 
Host: Ben Freivogel. From 01-03-2022till 31-08-2022

Pedro Afonso Cosme e Silva, University of Lisbon 
Host: Lars Fritz. From 28-05-2022 till 20-12-2022