Delta ITP connections with society and the private sector

To further improve connections to society and the private sector the Delta ITP initiative signed memorandums of understanding with four private sector partners, namely Shell, McKinsey, ABN-AMRO and National Forensic Institute in 2012.

These agreements focus on support for, and the value of, strengthening theoretical physics in general and its educational role in particular. To foster contact, discuss shared interests, solicit input and develop joint activities all private partners have agreed to have a representative take a seat in the Delta ITP Industry Advisory Council.

The role of the IAC is to support the executive board with advice on issues that concern outreach, recruitment, education and research activities. It should furthermore strengthen the ties between the Delta ITP and industrial partners as animportant future employer of Delta ITP trained physicists. The IAC meets with the executive board (at least) once per year.

Published by  D-ITP

20 May 2019